Create safe spaces for the post COVID-19 return to the office

Peak Insight’s Breathe Clean platform helps you monitor indoor air quality to the highest industry standards and only takes 1 day to install.


Air Quality at a Glance

Full visibility of indoor air quality metrics from your computer, tablet, or phone. Monitor carbon dioxide, humidity, occupancy, and other factors that impact viral transmission.


Simplified Recommendations to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Real-time alerts and tailored recommendations to help you maintain safe air quality standards.


Tools to Build Tenant Trust

In-suite dashboard and comprehensive reporting to deliver peace of mind.

Improving indoor air quality requires planning ahead of the return to the office,
visibility to key air quality metrics, and the ability to action any recommendations.

Peak Insight lets you manage Tenant spaces, the building as a whole, and your entire portfolio.

Enable Tenants to Return to the Office

As offices open up post-COVID-19, Building Owners need to ensure their buildings are safe for re-entry. The inside environment must provide peace of mind for returning staff.

Office workers conducting a meeting while wearing face masks

Attract and Retain Tenants

Health & Wellness is a major factor when Tenants choose workspaces. Healthy offices experience higher productivity and better talent retention. Modern Tenants will pay a premium for these benefits.

Improve Your Building’s Bottom Line

Improving Indoor Air Quality enhances marketability of the space. This translates to lower vacancy and higher potential per-square-footage rental rates.