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Financing for Battery Storage Projects in Massachusetts

Remove the hurdle of upfront costs for your customers

Peak Power is looking to deploy approximately 100MWh of energy storage systems for commercial and industrial customers in Massachusetts. We are offering financing for new battery storage projects that generate revenue for customers under a shared-savings model. We want to partner with energy storage developers to identify host customer sites.

Benefits for Battery Storage Developers

  1. Provide a no-money-down option for customers so they can see energy savings from the storage system on Day 1.
  2. Deployment support, including initial economics analysis and system sizing recommendations.
  3. Development support including design, engineering, permitting, and installation of the system at the host customer site. 

Benefits for Host Customers

  1. No upfront investment.
  2. Approximately $40-50K in annual energy savings delivered under a shared-savings model (based on an 1MW energy storage system.)
  3. Peak Synergy software platform included. This extends the lifetime of battery assets and evolves with energy markets to ensure revenue during the full length of the contract.

Project Requirements

  • Energy storage system capacity: 1MW / 3MWh – 3MW / 9MWh
  • Contract term: 15 years