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Drive sustainability for your planet, your community, and your home

EV owners are driving the clean energy future

Electric Vehicle (EV) ownership is a great way for individuals to make a positive environmental impact. Because they use electricity rather than gas, they already produce much lower emissions. But what about the electricity system that provides that power? Can EV owners make that system cleaner as well?


Our Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) Pilot

Our new V2H pilot will be running in Ontario. Peak Power will install two-way chargers at the homes of program participants. EV batteries will act as sources of electricity, rather than only consumers. We will test the EVs’ ability to support the grid and provide back-up power through real-world trials, simulated events, and data modelling. The pilot will demonstrate how electric cars can provide:

  • Backup power for homes in case of power outages
  • Support to the grid when demand is high

Participants could impact the lives of Ontarians outside the project. They will be demonstrating a model for how homeowners can become active grid participants.


Project Partners

This pilot is running in partnership with Hydro One, who is key to the success of this project. Together, we will study the benefits of using electric vehicle (EV) charging technology to improve power resiliency and reliability for customers and build a grid for the future. The project was made possible through the financial support of the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) Grid Innovation Fund. The fund was established in 2006 to support technological innovation. To date, it has invested in 230 projects that support the reliability and cost-effectiveness of Ontario’s electricity system.

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Participation Requirements

Be part of this ground-breaking pilot project! Participants must:

  • Drive a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle
  • Be an Ontario residential electricity customer
  • Have a dedicated parking space with the ability to install an EV charger connected to your home’s electrical panel

If you are not eligible for this project, we’d still love to hear from you to inform our scale up plans.

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